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Children who experience multiple transitions in family structure may face worse developmental outcomes than children raised in stable, two-parent families, and perhaps even worse than children raised in stable, single-parent families—a point denoted in much prior research. Multiple transitions and negative child outcomes, however, may be associated through common causal factors such as parents' antecedent behaviors and attributes.The culture is frequently undermining the importance of an intact family-mom, dad, and all the kids living together. But even secular sociologists acknowledge the fact that the stability of an intact family has a far-reaching ripple effect on the surrounding community.

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Many of the studies that show an advantage  children  who  are born and grow up in stable single-parent homes generally do as well as those in married households in terms of academic abilities and behavior problems.there are no advantages for children living in two-parent homes.  Particularly for black families, the study did find ways in which children did better with two parents.  However, careful study suggests that white and Hispanic children can do well living in single-parent homes if they have a stable home environment.


Our family Stabilization Referral Services (initial assessment and referral to counseling services and community resources),includes a variety of services designed to meet basic needs, prevent homelessness, enhance self-sufficiency, and stabilize severe financial and emotional crises of families and individuals

in San Bernardino  County. These services are designed to evaluate household needs, develop strategies, and educate and enable people to learn to meet their own needs.