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Parenting Classes

Registration Required for New Participants

Class Fees:

$25 individual or $30 couple’s registration fee due at first class. — Register Online for the class of your choice.
Class fee based on a sliding scale $10 – $30 (individual), $15 – $45 (couple) per class.

No one is turned away for lack of funds. Cash, check and credit cards accepted.
Checks payable to: A&E Family Services Agency

Parenting Classes

​​The Parenting Class creates an opportunity for parents to shift their attention to the needs of their children.  By using a psychoeducational approach, this program focuses on the enhancement of the children's ability to function within their families and how to improve the parental relationship to provide a nurturing non-threatening home environment.  This Class is suited for all parents, stepparents, grandparents, or others that directly or indirectly influence decisions about children.

 Benefits Children by:

Creating respectful attitudes
Teaching independence skills
Building high self esteem
Creating a more relaxed home atmosphere

 Benefits Parents by:

Providing life management tools designed to help families
Teaching effective communication skills
Creating discipline that works
Establishing the long-term benefits of parenting

Program Overview

Class room and online Class are open to any person.

 Parenting Class will cover:

Effective parenting
Teaching children responsibility
Parenting issues relating to specific developmental stages
Building self-esteem
Communication skills
Discipline issues

Household Income                                                                  
($10)  $0 – $30,000                                       
($15)  $30,001 – $45,000
($20)  $45,001 – $60,000
($25)  $60,001 – $75,000
($30)  $75,001 plus $10

 Individual Income

($15) $0 – $45,000
($20) $45,001 – $60,000
($25) $60,001 – $80,000
($35) $80,001 – $100,000
($45) $100,001 plus

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