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Enrichment Services Clubs & Programs

A&E Family Services young  program,can help teens and young adults provide youth with support and guidance in developing critical thinking, planning and decision making skills as they transition to adulthood.

A&E Family Services 

Most young adults are not mature enough to navigate the challenges of everyday life  just because they turn 18.  this desire for independence can be especially challenging. Without a family to guide them, they may struggle with decisions about where to live, how much rent they can afford, whether to go to college or vocational school, and how they will support themselves.

Child Abuse Prevention Agency

Youth Services

Young people want to take control of their own destinies, but they often aren’t ready to succeed on their own as young adults. Discover how youth learn to become productive adult members of the community.

At Risk Youth

Alcohol, other drugs, tobacco, violence, and unsafe behavioral practices are common everyday occurrences with today’s youth. The relationship of delinquency and alcohol/other drug use, attitudes and behavior is complex. These are major concerns for schools and communities, as well as our nations’ overall well being among the youth of this generation. While a relatively small number of juveniles commit crimes, a number of these individuals become chronic recidivists who are responsible for a large proportion of juvenile crime. These youth often have serious problems indicative of an “at-risk” juvenile (i.e. failure in school, family problems, substance abuse, pattern behaviors, conduct problems, and gang affiliation). Early intervention is an effective strategy for changing behaviors, thus changing outcomes for these otherwise troubled teens. It is important that at-risk juveniles, in particular, those experiencing problems with juvenile crime, have access to services that “enrich” their lives and help mitigate the risk factors of juvenile crime.